It's not finished until it's

mastered by Dauntless

Your music deserves to sound it's best. Period

studios know that mastering makes mixes go from good to great

And from great to perfect.  Dauntless Mastering has been making music better for years. Let Dauntless help your band, studio, or label go from good to great as well. As a recording engineer, Dauntless learned and created techniques to get great sounds out of every instrument.As a producer, Dauntless helped bands find their sound and get amazing performances out of each member. As a mix engineer, Dauntless found ways to make every track work together to get the biggest and most pronounced overall sound while retaining the life, heart and soul of the original piece of music.

All of these talents come together in the mastering process, which starts when studios send rough mixes and Dauntless sends feedback to the mix engineer, ensuring that the mix is as perfect as it can be before mastering begins.


Latest Songs


  • Bottom of the Barrel4:35
  • LORELEI4:40
  • World of Miscreation4:11
  • Blackout3:47

  • You4:14