• What We Do

    Music Production (Chris Sonia)
    With hundreds of projects under his belt, Chris can provide professional creative direction for your work.

    Vocal Pitch Correction (In-House)
    Whether for correction or creative effect, pitch correction is just one of our many services!

    Mixing (Audio Art at It's Best!)
    We take your individual tracks and mix them to the best sonic quality optimized for digital reproduction.

    Mastering (The Final Stage)
    We prepare your tracks for digital reproduction with unmatched skill and finesse.

    about us

    The fastest way to success is to create an impression!
    When your sound is bigger and more meaningful, it will put you ahead of the competition, and that sort of triumph translates to more downloads and fans. Your colleagues will all have sonic envy! You will be excited to listen to and show off your own music, and you will be satisfied having spent less getting it done.

  • Our Clients

    Skyward Down The Absence Of
    Mastered full album for distribution-quality sound!

    Murph: The Protector Soundtrack
    Mastered for movie-quality sound and distribution.

    Santa Croce At The Crossroads
    Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered this break-out group's hit album on behalf of the Tate Music Group.

    Dethavesk Thousand Years Gone
    Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered this young, up-and-coming group's album.

    The Dauntless Difference

    Check out the Pre- and Post-mastering examples on the next page. Different styles of music call for different density and frequency response. Enjoy!
    We work from stems as well as from two-track stereo. The nature of every project is unique, so include details and MP3 examples in your correspondence if possible. If you are a studio owner/engineer please inquire about being placed into our collaborators program.

  • Pre- and Post-Mastering Samples

  • We're Here For You!

    • Record in at least 24 bit. 32 bit is preferred.
    • Check for sibilance/plosives. These are easier to remove in the multitrack phase.
    • Solo your edits. Edits can make "pops" or "thumps". Quickfade (10 miliseconds)in and out of cuts.
    • Export at 96khz/32bit if possible regardless of what you recorded at. The computer does less truncating.
    • Don't be afraid to contact us with questions!
    • When in doubt, we also master from threads.

    Working With Us

    Look, time is money, right? We get that. That's why we make things as simple for you as possible. No matter what level of service you require for your creative project, we do our very best to work within YOUR schedule. (We've done turn-arounds as fast as 24 hours!) Now, we can't always promise that kind of speed, but we CAN promise that we will listen to your needs, treat you fairly and provide you with a final product that you can be proud of. THAT'S The Dauntless Difference!

    File Uploads

    Save time! Existing clients can upload files directly using our FTP site and the log-in credentials provided with their purchase.

  • Pricing

    All mastering is done per project. There is no "blanket" processing. Your project is treated uniquely, and it is our mission in life to make your music sound great!

    One Song Only: $99
    Demo Pack: $299

    For Radio or "Taxi" Play
    Three Songs

    EP Pack: $499
    Album Pack: $999

    Up to six (6) songs
    Up to twelve (12) songs

    Album Pack Add-Ons: $20
    Stems: $100

    Per song
    Per Stem

    Engineer Consult: FREE
    Studios: Contact Us!

    What You Get:

    • Full CD audio delivered in digital via FTP and hard copy (disc and thumb drive);
    • MP3s (made from the high bitrate masters) delivered digitally and hard copy;
    • We work with your Duplication House and can also recommend a local CD duplicator that we work with;
    • No extra charge to sit in on sessions;
    • We help studios to grow their business. Plus, you can tell your clients you have a mastering house in your back pocket!
  • Postal Address

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    310 Marlboro Road, Keene, NH 03431

    Telephone:(603) 283-8781
    E-mail: chris@dauntlessmastering.com

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  • We Are Different Because:

    • •We care about making your music the way you want it. We don't stop until you're satisfied

    • •We offer seamless pitch correction when mastering from threads. We can tune your vocals to any melody

    • •We review your material before we work on it. We work with your engineer to polish mixes if need be

    • •We create not only full albums with flow/crossfading, but also create MP3s from the high bitrate masters

    • •Quick turnaround and communication

    • •We document all rendered steps